T. G. I. F.


T.G.I.F. has become a popular acronym for Thank Goodness It’s Friday.  But since God is Good, should a better phrase be Thank God It’s Friday?

I would propose that, not only Fridays but for every day, God deserves our Thanks: “Blessed be this day that the Lord has made; blessed be the Lord.” (Psalm 118:24) {One of David’s oft-quoted verses}

With that in mind, I would suggest that the phrase be expanded and be interpreted to say: “Thank God It’s Free.”

But someone would say: “Nothing’s free.”  However, maybe you could offer an example as I might in recalling a cold February morning and a car that stalled with a “dead” battery.  When a fellow in a pick-up truck offered a jump-start……….and shortly my car was running, I offered to pay this “Good Samaritan”……… he just waived his hand and said, “It’s FREE.”  Maybe you have received a “free” one and could only be grateful.  To show how TGIF can be true, i.e. Thank God It’s Free, take the order of the letters TGIF and take the First Letter T and move it to the right and at the very end of the remaining letters (GIF) and you now have “GIFT.”  But now the question is: “What is the GIFT?”

Each person needs to know of at least one GIFT that he has received, e.g. a grandchild, blue skies, a gentle rain, the breath of life itself, an unexpected visit from a friend………

Look at the Word GIFT and take note of the two (2) letters in the center of the word(?)   ……….IF”….. there is a choice of being grateful and/or being willing to offer a helping hand to anyone in need; giving a GIFT can be its own reward, then both benefit.  Regardless of how and how much we give, it is Good.  So Thank Goodness or Thank God that all GIFTs have no strings attached, especially those sent by God even through us.

So “GIFT” might be our today’s acronym: “God Is First Today” as the greatest Giver of all Good Gifts.  If so, Know that “God Initiates Faith Totally” and…….. What say you?

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