Before the luxury of a having a “CAR” ………. a “CART” was used

 when someone had “TOO” much “TO” carry when family belongings

 needed “TO” be moved.  Can you see we may be “ON”“TO”

 something?   In David’s time, a “CART” or chariot was used

 to carry soldiers in battle…….and a container known as the Ark of

 the Covenant was carried into battle and served as protection for the

 Israelites. The chariot and the Ark were truly Works of  “A-R-T”  

 As the Bible tells were made by highly skilled builders and engravers.

 Consider “CARTOON” for it “TOO” can be considered an “A-R-T” form….in order “TO” make you laugh or it may “carry” a message, “TO”  get you “TO”  think or turn “ON” the “light bulb” for an idea, “TO”  get you “TO”  react ………. and just do something (creative?).

 Jesus never had a horse-drawn “CART” ……but He rode a donkey in “TO”  Jerusalem and “carried” the greatest message and burden of Sin for us in all of Time.   How unimportant is the fancy “CAR” that many wish “TO” have today……. Compared “TO” the Cross of Salvation.


Father, who “A-R-T” in Heaven and watches over all of your children, thank you for Jesus’ Finished Work on the Cross.  Jesus Help Us. Amen.

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