Our WORD PICTURE for Today:   S-W-A-L-L-O-W-E-D

 ….. and you may think of Jonah………..being “S-W-A-L-L-O-W-E-D”  by a whale; it is a true story…. only if you believe every word of the Bible to be God’s word……If not, you have another problem with Sin; that “W-E” are “A-L-L” sinners, like Jonah, in need of a SAVIOR.  Jonah disobeyed God’s call to go to Ninevah and was held captive and not “A-L-L-O-W-E-D” out of the whale’s belly for three days.  A habit of sin likewise holds us captive and separates us from God by a “W-A-L-L” that doesn’t “A-L-L-O-W”anyone to escape.  That “W-A-L-L” doesn’t seem high, but not “L-O-W” enough to see over..….nor can “W-E” know how great the drop or fall is on the other side…. For years “W-E” chose to “WALLOW” in the pig sty’s mud of sin until “W-E” came to our senses when  at a “L-O-W” point of disgust is reached and realized where “W-E”  were.

 The father of the Prodigal Son did not ask what was “O-W-E-D”….. Likewise, God’s Grace never asks what “W-E” “O-W-E”……….only for a total commitment of faith in His Son, Jesus as Savior.  His act did “S-W-A-L-L-O-W” and defeat death; by trusting Him “A-L-L”  can be “fastened or “W-E-D” to Jesus as our Bridegroom, as well as one another……… in God’s plan of marriage, i.e. a man & a woman with God’s Love……….committed to one another .

 Father, Thanks for Jesus who SWALLOWED up & put sin to death.

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