Our WORD PICTURE for Today: “W-A-S-H-E-D”

 When the music and noise of the world are too loud, we can begin

 to quiet it……. with a “SH” ……and listen closely……. It makes

 no difference if you are a “H-E” or a ““S-H-E”…..this may be the

 most important thing you will ever hear.   Accept Jesus Christ as

 your Lord and Savior, His “S-H-E-D” blood covers all sin and you

 are forgiven; you “S-H-E-D”  your old self  “AS” a snake would

 “S-H-E-D” dead skin and you become a new creation in Christ. 

 What “W-A-S”…..no longer is; the “filthy rags” of our old ways

 of sin have been W-A-S-H-E-D clean, “AS” white “AS”  snow.”

 The phoenix is a myth-like bird that dies in a fire of its own nest,

 but rises from its own “ASH” pile to live again. “ASH” has been a

 symbol of death and sorrow, i.e. “dust-to-dust”, “ASH”-to-“ASH”

 ….In the Old Testament, the blood of animal sacrifice “W-A-S”

 offered to atone for and cover sins. Today, W-A-S-H w/GOLD?

 is, as animal sacrifice, no longer needed for “AS” Jesus “W-A-S”the sacrificial Lamb who by His “S-H-E-D” blood; “H-E” died once for all (of mankind’s sin), “W-A-S”raised from the grave that we might have eternal life.  Jesus, help us. Amen.

 Further Reference for the Word Picture WASHED:

 •           Picture a dirt-muddy covered boy……diving into a pond….. coming up & out clean, as a “spirit-filled” picture of baptism

 •           ASH/AS – a burned-out fire pile from which a myth-like bird

            known as a “phoenix” rises from and comes back to life

 •           SHED – to dispel bodily fluids, e.g. blood, sweat and tears

Psalms 66:16-20

 Hebrews 9:13-14

 1 Corinthians 6:11

 Matthew 11:21

 Revelation 7:14

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